11th December, 2021:

Article in the local newspaper (training kids in Szolnok)

 July 2021:

RTL Klub TV – breakfast show 02.07.2021. (video can be seen among the videos)

RTL Klub reggeli TV 2021.07.02

Sept 2020:

Local newspaper, ÚjNéplap, triple victory (Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles) at the Hungarian Championship

Febr 2020:

Cegléd, invitation to the Kossuth Lajos Grammar School ( interview in the Cegléd TV )

Jan 2020:

Video- a half an hour-interview in English by Riccardo Freddolini, Buggy Foosball, Italy

Jan 2020:

Szolnok – ÚjNéplap – local newspaper appearance

Nov 2019:

Szolnok ‘Sleep another time’ titled 24-hour-program for secondary school students

Sept 2019:

Gulash festival in Szolnok with the co-operation of the Pallai Bau Ltd.

July 2019:

Invitation to the Drug prevention Day organized by the Local Police Departement

June 2019:

The article of Czakó Nóra in the local newspaper of Szolnok

May 2017:

Taxi Magazin

July 2016:

The video of the Down Foundation – with co-operation of the, I gave away a foosball table to the cared ones

May 2016:

Cegléd. invitation to the Kossuth Lajos Grammar School

Jan 2016:

Budapest – competition organizing spiced with Müller Péter Sziámi concert

July 2014:

Budapest – Summer camp