I was born on 11th August, 1982 in Cegléd, Hungary.

I was raised in Szolnok, studying German, English and Music in primary and secondary schools. My childhood was very active, I did all kinds of sports like table-tennis, handball, athletics, swimming, kayaking, tennis, shooting and also kick-boxing. 

My first foosball game on a real foosball table was in the middle of the 1990s. Of course, it all started at a pub and my first game was surprisably good and I could just never stop thinking about playing. 

In 2000, I started my college studies in Szeged mayoring English and Music. While participating at the lectures, playing a lot of foos, I travelled a lot with the college and the city mixed choirs to International Choir Festivals with always big success. 

In 2003, I participated at my first Foosball Tournament at the 2nd Hungarian Open in Budapest where I won with my partner Panka Dombi. In two weeks time, we were playing the finals in Austria against different people and styles and I totally fell in love with this game that I consider a sport now.

In 2004, I won Erasmus scholarship to Austria so I moved to Krems to develope my German knowledge and compete at foosball tourneys in Vienna each weekend. 

With the help of the internet, associations, federations have been developing foosball with organizing big tournaments. During a year, we have 8 world championship series on 7 different tables and minimum 2 land competitions in the foosing countries. 

In 2005, I got to Canada and won womens singles and mixed doubles titles at the Ottawa Open.

Besides teaching English, translating, interpreting, I have worked for the Down Foundation and made the mentally and/or physically damaged people do sports and inspired them to play foosball. I have managed bands, organized festivals and tours. I worked for the Inside Foos Productions (USA) which has been recording the mayor matches at foosball tournaments, and also have been working with the ITSF ( International Table-Soccer Federation ) to make FOOSBALL officially a SPORT worldwide. 

Since 2006, I have been asked for organizing tournaments in different programs, companies, festivals, schools and rehabilitation homes, led trainings and coach teams for tournaments. 

In 2008, I won semi-pro womens doubles and mixed doubles at the Atlanta Open in the USA.

In 2010, I won my first World Champion title with the Italian legend, Arturo Carletta in Prague and got my diplom in English teaching. 

In 2011, my second World Champion title with Jamal Alallou (GER) in Austria, 

in 2012 my third WCH title with Ryan Moore (USA) in Poland and 

In 2013, I was the blessed one who got the sponsorship of the N-Ware Software & Consultancy Ltd and due to the successful co-operation, I became the face of the BILLZONE.EU for a year. With their support, I could get to several international tournaments including a World Championship in Malaysia.

In 2013, I won my 4th and 5th WCH titles in mixed doubles with Tony Spredeman (USA) and women’s doubles with Melanie Loh (MAS) in Malaysia. 

In addition to this, I finished the world ranking on the 4th place in that year. Hereby, I would like to thank you for walking with me for a year, N-Ware Software & Consultancy Ltd. I am very grateful for your support. 

After this beautiful season, I had a 5-year-break from competing meanwhile I moved to Szolnok, and was working hard in order to be able to become self-employed, teaching English. In the meantime, I was longing for and looking forward to getting back to the foosball scene.

When everything got back at its place, in 2019, I started to play and compete again. That year was just like a rollercoaster. Sometimes up, sometimes down. The fact was and still is that I have been having a lot of work so practising foos hasn’t been part of my daily routine. However, I did win some categories of tournaments I was very happy for but I made mistakes like I had done when I started to compete at the beginning of my carreer. The 5-year-break, the lack of practising made me make many mistakes during playing, which cost me matches and tournaments, however, everything was/is only the question of time and preparation to get to the top again. 

At the end of 2019, I got an honorable invitation to join a German team (TSV SCHMIDEN) to play with in the Bundesliga and compete at the European Champions League with them. We got the noble 2nd place at the Finals in Slovenia which was an awesome experience for me. A week later, I travelled to Prague to an international tournament where I got the 1st place in doubles and 3rd in singles. This is what practise means, when the game is in your hands.  In February 2020, after a year playing with Edina Németh, and a beautiful victory in Prague, we managed to conquer the 1st place in the Hungarian Open, too.  In July, also in Hungary I won women doubles and singles and got the 2nd in Mixed. I longed for winning all my main categories which eventually happened in September. I was over the moon.  Unfortunately, the COVID virus took over in March and many of the tournaments were cancelled. We couldn’t go abroad to compete so there was a little rest again until June 2021. In the secodn half of 2021, I could attend 3 international tournaments including Austria, Slovakia and Germany. The latter was a World Championship Series by Leonhart table from where I brought two bronze medals. The great news was announced in December 2021: Based on the final results of the 2020/2021 Hungarian Championships, I became the CHAMPION of two of my main categories: Women Singles and Women Doubles and a SECOND position in Mixed Doubles.