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I am PETRA KONCZ. Besides being an English Literature and Grammar teacher, I am multiple times the Champion of Hungary, of different countries, of Europe and have got 5 World Champion titles. Since 2003, I’ve won more than 100 trophies, defended several titles and gained world recognition in the life, development and history of foosball. I want foosball, as a sport, to develope in Hungary, too, and to get a strong position for it among other sports. The Paralympic Committee has inducted foosball into its sports so it is only a few steps away that we can get in the Olympics, too.

I have been invited to several events to represent our sport, to organize tournaments and to make young people be involved in FOOSBALL. I have been visiting Down Homes, primary and secondary schools, clubs and pubs as well as foreign countries.


is the title of my program providing more-hour foosball game opportunity at any kinds of events.

The objective of my program is to join people together at one place and to grab them out from this virtual life.

The game rays positive energy, creates relationships, makes friends, attracts more and better co-operation and success in the business life, too, not to mention that it enhances the athmosphere and the standard of the event. On courtesy of my coaching, mental and physical development is provided, moreover the attitude toward the sport and each other’s acceptance will be also presented and taught.

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Petra Koncz