What is Foosball?

Foosball also known as table-soccer, table-football, csocso in Hungarian, baby-foot in French, stolní fotbal in Czechien, calcio balilla in Italian, futbolín in Spanish, Tafelvoetbal in Dutch, etc. is a highly competitive game.

There are a multitude of choices for people seeking leisure activities. It can be individual, non-competitive activities like reading, gardening, etc,. The other end of the scale are the ones that pit individuals or teams against each other in games that simulate life-or-death situations, like laser tag or paint ball. You can play slow pace games like darts or billiard where only the skills are important, you don’t compete directly against an other or more people’s skills. While foosball pits two or more people against each other, and it is quite capable of eliciting the highest extreme of competitiveness.

While playing, you realize how many things you have to pay attention simultaneously. First of all, due to the speed of the game, it requires the player’s full concentration. It involves both offense and defense against different people’s different skills, experience and mind which means each ball brings a new turn and you have to read your opponents thinking to be able to defend or score. Even a casual game can bring an enjoyable ″adrenaline rush″ to the player. The proximity of the opponent, the high speed of the action, and the complexity and creativity of the skills all serve to increase the intensity and level of competitiveness.

For many people it is not that important to win but to take part in the game and also how they played that game. For some, winning is the only thing but let me tell you one thing. You learn and develop each time you start a game against someone and as we all know, practise makes the master. The more time you spend by the table practising and playing, the better you become, the more difficult it will be to be defeated and the more exciting games you will play. The more you play, the more you get involve with it. And last but not least, you do not only improve your game but also develop your skills like speed, technic, reaction, mind reading, and you also learn a lot about yourself and others.

Foosball at a higher, competitive level not only needs skills but also strong, unbeatable mentality and confidence. Some people try to defeate you mentally before or during the match. You need to stay confident and just play your game without being disturbed. Do not worry about being defeated. Take it as a motivation and practise more to make a closer game or even win next time. If you are not that competitive, just foos on and develop your skills by playing.